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Exciting New Changes

Hi there,

I  wanted to write a more personal post, today, as I have decided to change the focus of this website. When I first created the name, Educangel (well it was my daughter who came up with the name!) I had originally wanted to create a tutoring site which parents could use to help tutor their children.

Why Educangel?

I wanted it to be an unusual, but catchy name, and we chose ‘educ’ to represent the educational and tutoring side and Angel because my name is Angela, but it also represented the softer side of caring for children and not being too strict or traditional. I wanted to create more informal programs that still achieved results for the children. I thought the website would also be a good way of offering my tutoring services to parents who wanted someone else to tutor their children. I soon decided this was too limiting for me and so I decided to extend the focus to helping working mums achieve work-life balance or get back to work after they’d had children.

What now?

I still love the name but the website and the original idea is changing. I am going to be doing some re branding, so you may notice colours and layouts changing gradually, but more importantly, I am going to be focusing on a different audience. This website is no longer just for working mums – it’s for anyone who feels stuck in their lives. It is going to be an online life coaching website where you can come for hints and tips to help you in all areas of your life.

I work with young people in my day job and I know how hard it is for them when they leave the safety of college and go out into the big wide world. As a qualified life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Career coach, fitness trainer and teacher, I have a wide range of experience I want to share to help people get the best start in life.

I hope you will bear with me as this website grows and changes and I look forward to spending more time on here now I am doing what I love to do and not being stuck in a direction I want to move away from 🙂

Bye for now,



Angie xxx

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