examples of job skills

Examples of job skills for CV/Resume

If you’re a working mum who wants to change jobs because your current employer is either the boss from hell who doesn’t understand you have a life outside of work or because your hours are not family-friendly, then you will probably need to revamp your CV or resume.

I will be doing a CV/Resume masterclass as this website grows, but for this post I want to focus purely on the skills aspect.

A lot of people get confused between skills and qualities. You might have seen application forms which ask you to provide skills and qualities and some of them can seem similar. I am going to list some examples of skills and the ones that are in capitals are ones that employers are looking for. I wouldn’t put down those skills, though, if you don’t have them. 

If you don’t have them I would recommend doing some online courses to develop them so you can put them on your CV/Resume. If you do put a skill down, you will need to be able to evidence this. So, if you’ve put down IT skills you will need to be able to prove you have these skills by either showing your potential employer you have relevant qualifications or that you are confident enough to show them at interview. If you put down IT skills you may be asked to do a practical test during an interview so please only put down skills you will be happy to demonstrate at interview, if asked.

Examples of Job Skills



Numerical skills


Interpersonal skills



Conflict resolution

These are just some of the skills you could put down on your CV/Resume, but you may want to include others that you have that are not listed here. It will be more difficult for you to evidence skills such as interpersonal skills, but if you have a background in jobs that involve dealing with other people or providing customer service, then it is likely you will have the level of interpersonal skills to prove this to your potential employer.

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