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Career Change Ideas for Busy Mums

If you’re a working mum who is looking to change careers, it could be for a number of reasons but I’m guessing it’s because of the hours. Most working mums I know, change careers for the number one reason that they’re finding it hard to juggle their work and family life. A lot of them have bosses who want them to put their careers first but, as a mum, their loyalty is first and foremost, to their family.

This can be difficult for those of you who have built up a successful career as a professional in a field such as law or medicine, for example, as those careers are known for their long hours and huge responsibility and it’s understandable if it all feels like it’s getting too much. It could be you’ve managed to smash through that glass ceiling and you’re a manager or director in the corporate world, competing with men who don’t have the childcare responsibilities that you have.

A lot of working mums in high-powered careers experience the same struggle and you may have to make the choice to either continue with your career and find extra help with childcare and household chores or change careers so you can spend more time with your child.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose as no mother should have to experience working mum guilt for continuing to go to work in a career they’ve invested a lot of time in. You don’t see men feeling guilty for this, do you?

Having said all that, this post is for those of you who’ve made the decision to change careers to something a little more family-friendly so you can spend time with your child while still being the independent working woman that you need to be.

Here are some career change ideas for mums:

Teaching Assistant

This is a great role as the working hours will fit around school times and you will have the school holidays off so you can spend them with your child. It is also a lovely job as you get to help children who need extra support and, as your children get older, it is excellent preparation for a career in teaching, should you wish to progress further. The pay isn’t that great, but it will depend on your circumstances. The money you will save in childcare costs may help make this a worthwhile option.

Remote Worker

This has all the benefits of working for an employer only you get to do it from home so you get to spend more time with your child. You can search the job boards to find remote working opportunities. You can also find family-friendly vacancies on the working mums website if you’re in the UK. You can find the link at the bottom of the page.


If you’re looking for part time work that will fit in with your childcare arrangements, these types of roles are often advertised on a part time basis during the day. Most are also nice jobs where you get to meet and interact with people without feeling a huge amount of stress or pressure. A lot of family-friendly employers advertise these roles as they know that these roles attract women more than men and they understand that if they want to attract good staff, they need to offer family-friendly packages to potential employees. If you want a nice little job while you bring up your child, this is a great option. What you may find is that you end up progressing anyway as a lot of these roles offer scope for progression depending on the type of organisation it is.


I hope you found this post useful. Here is the link to the website, here in the UK, where you can find family-friendly vacancies. Good luck –


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