benefits of lifelong learning

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

I love learning new things but not everyone is like that. I know some people who are happy to get through life watching TV and going down the pub and while that’s fine, as I think people should do what makes them happy, I also think there are so many benefits of lifelong learning that maybe you hadn’t thought of. Here are just some of them:

Continued Professional Development

It shows employers that you are constantly updating your skills so you remain a valuable employee. If you are in a profession where you need to keep skills up to date then lifelong learning is something you will be familiar with. It helps make sure you are not only up to date but that you are giving the best service to your clients. It helps ensure the hard work and money you put into your career are not wasted as you remain employable and current in your knowledge and experience.

Keeps your brain active

As someone who has worked with people with dementia, I know how important it is to keep your brain active for as long as you can. It’s surprising how many people who had great careers get it once they retire as they no longer use their brain as they once did. Keep your brain active for as long as you can so you continue to develop cognitively and help keep your brain making new connections which will help it to stay active

It can help you find new interests and new friends

It’s great to try new things and by learning something new you can find a new lease of life and a new set of friends. If you want to go to a night class or try one of the classes for mums and toddlers, you might start to enjoy the buzz of learning something new and having a laugh with new people who share the same interests.


I hope this has convinced you that lifelong learning has so many benefits. It doesn’t have to be formal, either. You can learn new things by reading books, trying new hobbies, meeting a new set of people who have different interests to you or by travelling- they say travelling broadens the mind and it’s great to travel somewhere new and learn more about the place and the culture. Lifelong learning should be an adventure and not a chore, so find something you enjoy and do it!


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